Dan Smith, a proud 5th generation Texan, has called Katy home since 2015. With a wealth of professional experience spanning over two decades in Fortune 100 companies, Dan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and an MBA, and currently serves as a Territory Senior Manager for the Central U.S.

Throughout his career, Dan has led teams of hundreds of employees, overseeing multi-million-dollar financial outcomes. His approach to City Council reflects a mindset shaped by two decades of leadership and a strong commitment to customer service. To Dan, residents are the valued customers, and he believes that every ordinance, expenditure, and action by city employees should contribute to a positive and enriching experience for the community.

In his personal life, Dan is happily married to Kathy since 2007, and they are proud parents to their son, Bennett, who attends school in Katy ISD. The Smiths enjoy being actively involved in the Katy community, and on Sundays, you’ll find them worshiping at Katy Community Fellowship.

Elected as a Ward A Councilmember in May 2021, Dan Smith brings his extensive background, commitment to service, and love for his community to his role every day.


Katy is blessed with some of the most talented and successful first responders in the state. We must continue to invest in these departments and make Katy the safest community it can be.

Dan has voted to increase funding for public safety in every budget, adding Police Officers, Firefighters, and Paramedics.

Dan recognizes the challenges and safety hazards of too many large commercial vehicles cutting through Katy – in violation of our Truck Route ordinance. This led to an additional Commercial Motor Vehicle officer being added to the 2023-2024 City Budget.

Being the best means having current equipment that serves the needs of our first responders and residents. This means proactive budgeting for vehicles and other equipment.

Dan stands strong with Katy Police, Fire, and EMS!

Dan brings a strong background of financial acumen and business experience In his tenure on City Council, Katy’s tax rate has reached historically low levels, reflecting that commitment to fiscal responsibility. It is critical that we continue conservative principals, passing balanced budgets, and prioritizing great service to residents at the lowest possible cost.

Emphasizing the importance of maintaining this positive trajectory, Dan advocates for the continuation of fiscally conservative principles. This involves the consistent passage of balanced budgets that prioritize delivering excellent services to residents at the most cost-effective rates possible.

Dan witnessed first hand the devastating effects of the Tax Day Flood and Hurricane Harvey. We must do everything possible to lessen the effects of these massive rain events on citizens now and in the future. Flooding in Katy is a complex problem with a straightforward solution. On council, I will continue to:

Invest in the best engineering and flood planning available, and implement plans that will move the maximum amount of water out of the city that is allowed by our upstream and downstream partners.

Invest in equipment to empower Katy’s Public Works employees to keep storm drains and ditches clear so water can move.

Encourage development that brings a net benefit to water displacement (i.e. greater retention/detention capacity than the ground soaking capacity that will be covered in concrete).

Dan has been a driving force behind numerous initiatives aimed at fostering smart, managed business growth for both residents and business owners.

In 2020, Dan campaigned for the creation of an additional role at City Hall to assist business owners with opening in Katy. This effort led to the establishment of the Community Development Director role—a first for Katy. In addition to working directly with business owners, this Director position oversees both the planning and permitting departments, creating a more seamless experience for everyone involved.

Dan also voted in favor of significant technology investments to enhance the experience of residents and business owners during the permitting process. You can now utilize the online portal to track the status of permits throughout the process.

While there is still more work to be done in this area, significant strides have been made to make Katy more business-friendly for residents and business owners. The evidence of these improvements can be seen all over town, with many new businesses now calling Katy home.

Katy is home to many outstanding parks and green spaces.  We should continue to invest in these areas. Dan voted to approve the creation of a Master Parks Plan, which has been completed and implementation is underway.

The 3B Learning Center is under development and will provide beautiful greenspace that will serve as a place of education and historic preservation for generations to come.

Leyendecker Landing is under development and will provide greenspace, walking trails, regional flood mitigation, connection to Katy through a trail system, and more.

Large developments, through MUD funding, must have flood mitigation and accompanying green spaces in their plans.  Substandard developments that cannot meet these requirements should not be approved.

In recent years, Katy has worked hard to enhance Animal Control, and there have been several notable achievements.

Dedicated volunteers have been instrumental, investing countless hours along-side Katy’s Animal Control Officers to improve the shelter and facilitating the adoptions. New partnerships with local rescue organizations have formed a strong network that significantly contributes to the welfare of shelter animals.

Adopting a pet from Katy Animal Control has never been more accessible, thanks to this collaboration with rescue partners. Shelter animals are regularly featured at adoption events across town, ensuring increased visibility and opportunities for loving homes.

It’s heartening to hear that our volunteers consistently acknowledge the positive environment within our shelter. Their feedback underscores the success of our initiatives and the level of compassionate care and customer service for both our residents and the animals.


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