Why is Dan running for City Council?

Why are you running? This is everyone’s first question, and here is the “short” answer…

Katy is truly a treasure, with rich heritage and strong community spirit.  In only 10 short years, the number of Katy households has grown by nearly 50%. Our city is changing quickly and all aspects of Katy need to keep pace with this explosive residential growth.

I am running to bring my 20 year career in the retail/service industry of creating great customer experiences to Katy City Hall. I view residents as “customers” of the City of Katy. Every ordinance passed, dollar spent, and city employee action must serve and provide a great experience to residents. This is the mindset that will guide my decisions on council.

Katy has some great restaurants and shopping, but locations like La Centerra and others continue to be the destinations of choice for many residents while our own commercial areas within the city remain under-developed. My plan puts resources in place to address this issue with partnership and insight from residents.  We must grow the Katy economy for the benefit of everyone – including the wonderful businesses that are already here.

Public safety is important for every resident.  I support continued investment in our world class first responders.  I also support utilizing every tool and partnership available to improve flood mitigation. Finally, we must address issues like illegal street racing, feral hogs, sidewalks, and more. 

There is so much to talk about in this election, and I am eager to discuss the many things on voters’ minds. Let me close by saying that this campaign is not about me. It’s about the city of Katy, and how we can move forward together to create a more perfect place for all of us to live, work, and play.