Community Impact Q&A

Community Impact Q&A

Thank you Community Impact for the opportunity to participate in the election Q&A! Here are my answers to their questions.
• What is the biggest issue facing the city of Katy, and how would you address it?

It is critical that we take action over the next 3-5 years to ensure the City of Katy remains a great place to live for the next generation. All around our borders is Houston ETJ, which is rapidly growing without zoning restrictions or input from Katy. This growth impacts everyone.

We must focus on economic development to secure our small town charm and increase sales-tax revenue to fund city services including Police, Fire, EMS and flood mitigation while keeping property taxes low. I will bring my experience and passion for service to City Council to benefit all residents of Katy.

• What could the city of Katy have done better during February’s extreme winter storm and the subsequent power outages? If elected, what would you do to help prepare Katy for similar events in the future?

First of all, it was inspiring and heartwarming to see our community pull together with people helping one another, sharing food and water, opening their homes as shelter, and showing real compassion for each other. This is Katy!

We need a list of elderly and at-risk residents to prioritize check-ins before, during, and after storms. While this storm was unlike others we have experienced, the community’s needs were similar to a hurricane – generators, fresh water, food, and shelter. On City Council, I will work with the Mayor, Staff, and Emergency Management Office to help plan, communicate, and fulfill those needs.

• How do you plan on balancing Katy’s growth while preserving its history?
This is one of my top priorities, and I encourage voters to see my full growth plan at

My plan includes support for the creation of an Economic Development Coordinator role at City Hall, creation of an Economic Development Board for Katy residents, improving Katy’s reputation by fixing challenges in permitting, and more.

Most importantly, I strongly support managing growth in each area to benefit residents. We must prioritize a charming small town feel downtown, while also balancing quality commercial growth. This preserves Katy’s rich history while boosting sales-tax revenue that enables city services and low property taxes.

• What will you do to keep the public informed about the progress of city projects, such as when changes are made to a timeline or when unexpected obstacles arise?

I will work with the Mayor, Staff, and Public Information Office to ensure they have the required resources and funds approved in the city budget to execute a comprehensive communication plan.

Residents who are engaged on social media are often kept aware of city projects through various pages and groups, but we need to ensure that no one is left behind. One strategy we could consider is adding to our existing communication methods such as KTAlerts to push more information directly to residents.

Ultimately, I believe that city government is about customer service, and you are the customer!